I have been around, and have had, purebred dogs since I was a child.  Our first family dog was a beautiful German Shepherd named Toby.

My foray into the dog show world at 19 involved attending shows in Alberta with my cousin, Marnie Harrison of Praderia Spanish Water Dogs, who, at the time, had Chesapeake Bay Retrievers, and the sweetest English Cocker Spaniel, Casper. I spent my time at the shows helping my cousin, and sketching dogs ringside.

My love of Scottish Deerhounds started in 1994 when I was an undergrad at York University.  At the end of the first night of an English Class at Glendon College, this beautiful, huge, shaggy dog unfurled itself from underneath the instructor’s desk – I was utterly fascinated by this quiet, gentle giant, and was completely hooked on the breed.

The dream of owning a Deerhound was finally fulfilled in 2009.  There had been many breeds in between; Borzoi, Italian Greyhounds, Skye Terriers, and Standard Poodles to name a few, but oh how I still longed for that Deerhound.

Shortly after the loss of my beautiful Standard Poodle, Gryphon, I was fortunate enough to acquire Fernhill’s Bailiewick.  She has been everything I imagined, and so much more.

Skye Terriers have had a place in my life since 1998.  Their funny, charming, energetic and loyal nature is so incredibly endearing, and makes them a wonderful foil for the much more laid back Deerhound.  I have been incredibly fortunate to co-own and co-breed Kishniga Skyes with Richard Meen MD.

I feel so blessed to be surrounded by two such wonderful breeds.

Cynthia Crysdale